Classic Ballparks: Wrigley Field

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Classic Ballparks: Wrigley Field celebrates Chicago's iconic stadium and the baseball magic it has been hosting since 1914.

Far more than just a place to watch a ballgame, Wrigley FieldTM is a place to relive history. Officially licensed by Major League Baseball(R), this 64-page, hardcover book is a love letter to the park, the game of baseball, and the fans who hold it dear. It comes in a box with a collectable miniature resin model of Wrigley Field as it appeared in the 2000s.

Inside, you'll:

  • Learn stats about the games played at Wrigley Field
  • Relive magical moments from Wrigley Field's long history
  • See hard-to-find full-color and black-and-white photographs
  • Learn about the history of the stadium and how it came to be
  • Meet Wrigley Field's main characters who played a part in its legacy both on and off the field

This book and model combo is a must-have for any baseball fan!

List price: $24.99
Buckley Jr., James
Price: $24.99