Geyser Tube

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The Geyser Tube from Steve Spangler Science is a loading tube for the now famous Diet Coke geyser powered by Mentos and is one of the most viewed science experiment online. If you’ve ever seen a Geyser Tube in action, you know how addicting that wild soda eruption can be! Along with the Steve Spangler Science Geyser Tube, you will also get a roll of Mentos candies – you simply have to supply a two-liter of diet soda and get ready for high-flying action! Get the perfect launch every time and see the Mentos and soda reaction for yourself without getting drenched with the new and improved trigger mechanism. It now features a double pull pin and a tighter seal that means you can achieve a 30-foot geyser with as few as two Mentos. Even kids can get in on this hands-on STEM activity! You can use this Geyser Tube to bring the excitement of science to life at home or in the classroom. You can easily make STEM connections and tech lessons about gaseous reactions.

List price: $5.99
Price: $5.99