Mock Newbery Awards


Anderson's Mock Newbery 2021 Winner, Honorable Mentions & Candidates

The books below are 25 of the best Middle Grade Novels published in 2020!  

AB Mock Newbery Award Winner, 2021

The Winner:  Fighting Words, by Kimerly Brubaker Bradley

AB Mock Newbery Honorable Mentions, 2021

(In winning order)

  1. Wink, by Rob Harrell
  2. When Stars are Scattered, by Victoria Jamieson
  3. From the Desk of Zoe Washington, by Janae Marks
  4. Black Brother, Black Brother, by Jewell Parker Rhodes
  5. Ways to Make Sunshine, by Renee Watson


AB Mock Newbery Candidates , 2021

Listed below!


Congratulations to all our Mock Newbery student readers.  We had 8 schools participate this year and students read over 1,000 books!  Thank you to the educators, staff, and volunteers at our participating schools.


We use our knowledge of the books and that of all the many educators, publishers, authors, and reviewers to develop our annual list. The Mock Newbery List of 2021 is the program’s 26th year.    

For more information on how to participate in this great program, please contact Sue Skells (, Carolyn Roys (, or Kathleen March (



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