Why Anderson's?

Why Anderson's

Why should you choose Anderson's Bookfair Company for your school's bookfair?
There are benefits for your students, your school and your bookfair chairpersons.

Anderson's Bookfairs will benefit your students.

• Anderson's Bookfairs offer your students the highest quality literature.
• We order from over 200 publishers; we carry the widest and most diverse selection of children's books anywhere.
• You'll find books for every interest, every reading level, and in a wide variety of formats and prices.
• At ABC we look at past sales, school demographics, and previously successful categories and titles when choosing the books for your fair.

Benefits for your school
• We consider requested subject matter, past sales, school demographics, and previously successful items and titles.
• Earn cash for your school
• If you choose to take your profits in books, you'll be able to choose from ALL the titles in our warehouse
• You can get your profits in a combination of cash and books.

With an Anderson's Bookfair, you can customize your book selections in a number of ways.
• We welcome teacher suggestions. Just use the Special Requests form in our ABC Toolbox.
• Use our Categories Preferences Form to choose the book categories included in your fair.
• Your students can make their own Wish Lists when the browse the fair.
• We can provide required reading titles, summer reading titles, books for your Birthday Book Club and Battle of the Books titles.
• We carry religious books, dual language and foreign language books as well as a large stock of autographed books by well known authors.

Bookfair Training Seminar
We offer your chair and/or librarian the opportunity to attend one of our bookfair seminars. At the seminar, they will be taught how to hand sell books and get the right books into the hands of your students. Booktalks, demonstrations, displays, raffles and lots of fun promotional items are also included at the seminars.

Assistance is available to help arrange author visits, signings and school book talks. Please contact Angie (630) 820-0044

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Anderson's