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Teacher Wish Lists


To find your teacher's wish list:

Select your school from the list below.

Then, select your teacher to view their wish list.

Please select "Add to Cart" from their wish list to indicate this book has been selected for your teacher. 

Teacher wish list books will be sent seperately to the teacher at school.  

Teacher's love books from their students!

   Attea Middle School

   Avery Coonley School

    Bannes Elementary

   Beebe Elementary

   William Beye Elementary 

   Boulder Hill Elementary

   Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School (Oak Park)

   Cossitt School

   Ellsworth Elementary

   Emerson Elementary (Elmhurst)  

   Fairmount School

   Hawk Hollow Elementary

   Julian Middle School

   Lincoln Elementary (Glen Ellyn)

   Lincoln Elementary (Oak Park)

   Longfellow Elementary (Oak Park)

   Madison Elementary (Hinsdale)

   JT Manning Elementary

   CE Miller Elementary 

   Ogden Avenue School

   F.E. Peacock Middle School

   Pleasant Hill Elementary

   Science & Arts Academy

   Springman Middle School

   St. Giles School

   Willowbrook School

   Winkelman School


   Sample Wish List for ABC Elementary School


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